Beijing Auto Museum

On 17 June 2011 I visited the Beijing Auto Museum, 126 Nan Sihuan Xilu, in Fengtai District. Organized by the Information Office of the Beijing Government and others (see invitation).
It was a special preview visit of the museum that also hosts the Fengtai District Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. See the brochures of the Museum (Chinese only) and of Fengtai.
We were not allowed to take pictures but I refused to obey as the Chinese side was taking pictures and video of us…
Pretty nice building and nice exhibits.

Pictures could be better, taken in a haste and with my old camera. Some of the cars pictured I used in the past… Memories…
Some said many of the exhibits are actually reproductions, maybe the reason you can’t take pictures? Pretty silly, go to the American museums where you shoot what you want.

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