Unusual pictures

Are Chinese obsessed?

Part of my unusual pictures are the ones circulating on the Chinese Internet.

Our friends love those “natural formations” that remind you of certain body parts. And making “art work” about it is also popular. Even some public spaces like in Chongqing show some, as … you could find on China Daily.

My funny pics

Other unusual pictures…


– WC aka as toilets are a (often stinking) experience. Not for the faint of heart or nose. And Chinese men are terribly dirty
– bomb disposal: often overlooked, in many subway stations. Not exactly rubbish bins! Lately less visible.
– new star being born? Nope. Beijing fireworks, now banned.
– I loved the drain covers with the Olympic logos
– fruits come is all kind of dubious/ingenious forms; often they are tasteless, especially the one in plastic containers… But we love the “kaki” (persimmons), we often get boxes of them as a gift; they need to time to slowly ripe till they are liquid and sweet inside.
– balls and buttons in my home; for those who know it
– copycats are everywhere, however this Audi is a bit strange
– when I mention to my Chinese friends I have some black candles, they are horrified. Oh brings bad luck.. Actually I got them here in Beijing. I learned how to make candle wicks and managed to bring them back to full burning; as many men I love to play with candles…

Note: the pics ending in “x” are from diverse sources, others are mine.

Beijing red sky

These pictures were taken in Beijing on 22 May 2017.

All from different sources found on Wechat.

Holiday crowds

During the (few) Chinese holidays we witness massive crowds in the famous tourist spots.

See here some humorous pics about it, from Wechat posts (see the Chinese reference in the pics). Some of my friends hate the pics because it reminds them of insects…

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