Jan has spent quite some time in China and fell in love with Dali (Yunnan) where he started to make Belgian waffles. But he also travelled to other cities including Beijing. His camera seems grown on him and he is always ready to snap a pic of daily life as it is. He now lives in Belgium.



Alfons (“Fons”) is a visiting professor in a Zhejiang university but loves travel and shoots great pics wherever he passes: China, Luxembourg, France, … He has a rich academic and engineering past but photography seems to be his passion. He lives in Luxembourg. He sadly passed away recently.

Bruce in Beijing


Bruce is a reporter/journalist/photographer/radio host running around in Beijing and other exotic places in China where he has spent many years. He is from Scotland but has a sharp eye and a heavy camera that he never seems to leave behind. He particularly loves the everyday aspects of life in China as well as showing to us the old China, left behind in silent memories all around us to discover.

Frank Yu/NYC


He calls himself “Soul Stealer. Pictures of people that I meet or pass by. Some landscapes, some cats, mostly New York, a lot of women.” I met him in Beijing where he shot incredible views of everyday life. Left us for NYC where he continues to shoot life-as-it-is with his little camera. I compare him to the famous Bill Cunningham: he preserves a state of mind and moment in time for future generations. Many pictures seem to delve into the soul of the people he meets, on the street, ion the subway, anywhere.


Well, that’s me. I just love to shoot pics while I feel I cannot compete with the other contributors.