About this website

Many people shoot great pictures. Then they “gather electronic dust” in some hard disk, such a waste.
I get a number of links to what people post on the Internet, left and right. Or they send me their pictures.
As for myself, I have shot thousands and thousands of pictures. Some tell the story of a China changing dramatically.

So the idea came to put them up on this website “prc.pics”. For those who don’t know PRC stands for People’s Republic of China.
Here I want to also post pictures of others who agree to it, as well as my collection. Feel free to contact me and send your contribution, and chose your website identity.

The rules:

  • Pictures are related to China, including pics from Chinese photographers who roam the world to make exceptional pics.
  • The copyright stays with the photographer, who can be contacted through the website. If you wish, put a watermark.
  • Please respect the authors and ask for permission to use the pics.
  • The focus is on pictures and as little text as possible, except for a description of the location and background is most welcome, also with the dates the pics were made.
  • Quality: to make downloads easier the maximum size (vertical or horizontal) is suggested to be 1000 to 1200 pixels.
  • Avoid pictures showing of yourself and others, like group pictures, except if they have a special value.
  • No political or sensitive subjects, nor blatant porno.

Thanks to all and enjoy!